Wedding Music

Choosing your music

We have a very extensive repertoire which includes Classical, Pop, Rock, Folk, Jazz and Film music - whatever your style, we have the music to match.

Vintage theme? No problem - we can play jazz standards, romantic or lively to create the atmosphere you want.

Or perhaps you'd like the atmosphere to develop gradually and build towards the bridal procession? We will tailor our repertoire to your needs.


Welcome Music
It is usual for us to begin playing shortly before your guests arrive so that we can set the tone you desire and give your guests a warm welcome.

Your walk down the aisle can be one of the most emotional parts of the ceremony and you can rest assured that we will be ready to start your music and time its end perfectly.

Signing of the Register
A sentimental moment, joyful melody or a song that means something to you both. Keep the atmosphere while you pose for a few pictures.

Our extensive experience playing for weddings means we can smooth over any unexpected delays and need no instructions as to when to play. Where necessary, we will liaise with your celebrant ahead of the ceremony to arrange cues.  You can focus on having the most memorable day and leave the music to us.
(Please note that under current legislation, we cannot perform music with religious connotations during a civil ceremony. This means that some of our pieces, such as hymns, may not be allowed, so if you have requests, you'll need to check them with your registrar prior to the day of the service.)

Drinks Reception

Following the ceremony, we tend to play more upbeat classical music or modern music as directed. At all times, you are in control of the music, but if you’d simply like to highlight a genre for us to play more of, we’ll happily oblige. If you really don’t know what you’d like us to play, don’t worry. We can make a very good guess judging by the venue, your style choices, decorations, and the reactions of your guests, who often come over to us and tell us what they’d like to hear more of!

Wedding Breakfast

Your wedding breakfast is a time for guests to get to know each other, so we provide background music to keep the atmosphere glowing. We generally advise against adding singing to the music at this point so that your guests can talk more easily, but if there are some key points you'd like to highlight, we're very happy to oblige. At a recent wedding,  we even worked with a bride who wanted to sing part of her toast!

Evening Reception

For the couple who want a lighter feel to their evening reception, rather than a full band or DJ, we can continue performing throughout the festivities. Our repertoire offers plenty of scope for setting a lively tone. We can also transform our lineup at this point to include a piano and perhaps a little more singing - our pianist and our singer will have already been with you playing in the string ensemble! We would be delighted to arrange, sing and play the music for your first dance.

Please see our repertoire list for an idea of what we can play for you and your guests. We are happy to accommodate your repertoire requests and are here to give you all the help and advice you want leading up to the big day. Alternatively, you can use the India Rose Jukebox to make sure your guests hear the music they want. Our clever Jukebox request cards also serve as an icebreaker to get your guests chatting about who might have chosen which song?!

If you're ready to make your booking, or simply need to chat with us about our services, contact us here!